Todays Relevant Revelation

I am certain that everyone in the world is horrified by the shooting at a theater in Colorado.  This was a tragedy, no doubt.  There are people on this rock that place no value on human life.

If you want to leave, I have no say in the matter.  Life’s not for everyone.  That doesn’t mean you get to take others with you who aren’t willing.  how the “alleged assailant” even made it to the police station alive has me baffled.

The fact that James Mapes was arrested while watching a movie at another theater the following week because he had a gun on him is terribly sad.  He not only had a concealed weapon permit with him, he also has had many hours of training on how to properly operate the gun he had strapped to his side.

The real tragedy hear is the fact that someone like Mr. Mapes wasn’t present in the theater in Colorado.  The death toll would have been far less.

The pitiful outcome of this incident will be more cries for gun control in America, when the real solution would be more people being armed.

Mr Holmes was apparently not looking to leave us, or he would have turned the gun on himself at the end of his killing spree.  With this in mind, the cowardly lion most likely would not have done what he did had he thought that half of the patrons at the movie were armed.

The terrible truth is you cannot stop someone from commiting a violent act once they’re hell bent on it.  The only recourse is to stop them in their tracks before they stop you.  You don’t have to be the one that pulls the trigger, just don’t take the gun away from the person next to who will.  They could be the one that saves your life.

In the immortal words of Robert Heinlein, “An armed society is a polite society.”

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  1. Amanda LaFrance · · Reply

    I agree. That was my original thought….(Wow, maybe I should start carrying a gun!) . When I thought about how much help I may have been after the smoke bomb & first shots went off, I decided someone else would have been a better candidate to be holding a weapon. But still I believe there are people who train for that type of situation who should have the right to carry a weapon if they so choose. I know I would feel comforted by the knowledge that someone in the crowd was firing back!

    Someone was arguing the fact that it would be impossible to hit the guy during all that chaos in the dark, but maybe it could have scared him off. If this situation was happening to me, I would want every opportunity to fight back. This guy is a coward!

  2. I have mixed feelings. Some people know how to treat guns with respect and I have no problem with them being armed. But to many idiots leave them out for their kids to mis-use and that worries me. I think we need smarter gun control. Not more gun control because obviously what we have now does not work. Maybe it is time to put gun education back in the schools so those who get licenses know how to respect their weapons? I agree that today’s solution does not work.

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