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Have you ever felt like it’s the end of the world?  Like there’s no point in going on?  WHY?  Life is a fragile enough mistress all on her own.  Not unlike the fickle strumpets I’ve doted on, it needs constant attention and affection.

Whatever it is that seems to bring you down is nothing compared to what it could be.  Sadness is a self indulgence that no one can afford.  Life is far too expensive to spend one dime on sorrow or misery.  Travel the road of happiness and ignore the blisters on your feet.

You need only a glimpse of the grim reality that awaits you if you take the wrong path.  Take only a second or two tops on the matter and you’ll discover that where you are right now isn’t such a bad place after all.

Smile, be happy.  Enjoy what you have in front of you, one day soon it will be behind you.  I hope you didn’t take it for granted, because you may never have this opportunity again.

Feel free to use my life as a fine example.  I’ve gone from big shot to buck shot, and I’m not upset.  Big boys don’t cry.  There’s always something better on the horizon, even if it’s a long hike to reach it.

Now it’s time to hit the beach and play in the sand…



  1. Amanda LaFrance · · Reply

    You are very right JT! Thank you. You remind me of my Uncle Kevin! He always knew just what I needed to hear to open my eyes in a different direction. You have a beautiful soul…I know that you never suffered something without learning the big message that was right in front of you. That’s why you don’t cry. You accept it. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Great example. I think it’s ok to cry as long as you cry and move on. It’s staying at that stage that is the problem. Recognize the loss, then find something to move on to, and work towards new goals. Learn from the past and never be afraid to try something new and different.

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