Today’s Relevant Revelations

   Sorry I’ve been gone for a bit, I had to have my lap top repaired.  That, and I didn’t have anything important to say, until now.

A few days ago a friend was hit in the head with some pretty bad news.  His partner of 18 yrs was in the hospital with no chance for recovery.  She had been fighting a terminal disease for years now.  He came home to get some much needed rest and my brother went to his house to see how he was doing.  Not well.

He completely broke down and cried his eyes out.  After catching his breath for a moment, he almost started laughing as he said “Oh my God, I’m five years old again!  I’m five years old, and I need my mommy!!”

That was an unexpected statement.  When my brother told me what he had said, it made me realize that no matter how old we get, there is no safer place than in our mother’s arms. 

As it turned out, his mother was going to be there in a couple of days.  His house was in shambles because he spent all of his time either working or catering to her needs.  My brother and I went to his house the next day and cleaned the hell out of the place while he was at work.  We didn’t want his family to see how far he had let the place go do to the strain he had been under.  When he came home he was very appreciative and we told him “No thanks necessary.”  It made us feel good inside to help someone in such obvious need of it, and too proud to ask for it.

The incident was reminiscent of my golden rule.  It made me feel good to help him, so I did it.  Not for praise, or money, it was just the right thing to do, although I did give him a hand drinking up the rest of the beer in the fridge. 

Today, he is at the hospital, with the preacher man.  Not to offer her last rights, but to make an honest women of her (His words).  He’s doing it for her, to ensure she understands his love for her before she leaves us.

     The world needs more people doing the right thing for their fellow man/woman.

I can only hope that I have the right friends around me when I turn five…



  1. tashalennhoff · · Reply

    Wow what a powerful post to start back with. The world does need more people to notice when someone needs a hand and give it to them without asking and no thanks needed.

  2. tashalennhoff · · Reply

    Wow what a powerful post to start back up on. The world does need more people to help out when needed no asking and no thanks needed.

  3. Donna Dillon-Truckenbrod · · Reply

    I have been here, in this place. I have been five years old again, crying for my mother, but mine was begging her to stay with me. People may disagree with me, but I think one of the most precious things in life is to be holding the hand of a loved one when they take their last breath. Nobody is born alone, and nobody should die alone. The housework can wait, work can wait, everything else gets put on hold for this very stressful, special event. And when it’s over, the most precious gift you can give that person who has devoted so much time to their loved one, is to give them a safe place to fall. Let them be five again.

  4. Dude my sympathy and prayers go out for him and his partner. You and your brother did a very awesome thing by helping him out. I am very proud to call you friend.

  5. Wow. What a hard thing for everyone to be going through. My condolences. The one thing that’s a surety in life, if you are a friend to someone who suddenly turns five on you, karma will be at your side when the table turns.

  6. Thanks for sharing. They will be in our thoughts and prayers.

  7. That’s an awesome post. By him marrying her at that time means the ultimate love. I wish them well on their journey.

  8. Good grief. That’s so moving; I am deeply touched by that. Thank you for sharing. Bless them.

  9. Such a moving post! I am speechless.

  10. Such a beautiful response to bad news – coming together to help each other out just because its the right thing to do. Thanks for sharing this.

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