Reap What You Sow

I spent much of last summer working on a friend’s lakehouse. He’s getting on in years, but I had a hell of time keeping up with him. The previous summer he had added on five rooms, surrounding the original French log cabin (vertical logs) which was built nearly a hundred years ago. It was he and wife’s (who had passed five years ago) first home together. The old log portion is now going to be the dining room, and hanging from the ceiling is the chandelier that he made from the wagon wheel that came off of the wagon that his wife rode to school, so many years ago. When the weather turned cold, we locked it up for the winter and waited for the snow to break so we could finish. His health started to deteriorate over the long cold winter we had. In December, he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. They operated in January, and he spent a few months in hospice. He’s home now, but half the man sits before me. He started Chemo on Monday, and has slept ever since. It’s 39 degrees today, so I went down to the lakehouse and started moving things around in preparation for the drywall texture I intend to spray next week. Then I’ll do what I dread most…paint. He is unaware that I intend to finish what we started, with or without his help. If he can last the summer, I want him to do it in the comfort of this beautiful little house on the shore of Lake Superior. I still have to build a kitchen, finish the walls, and flooring, but it’s something I’ll find the time for. I can only hope that when my time draws near, I have someone around me that’ll do the same.


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