Today’s Relevant Revelations

The way she used to look at me made me taller, somehow, and I’d strut around the roost with my chest puffed out, and head stretched high. She made me feel smarter than the other guys in the room, and better looking…confident. It was a wonderful life for a long time, but like all good things, it had to end. Regrets? I have none. Too many people dwell on what ifs. Don’t confuse regret with disappointment. I am what I am, and I’ll always be. When she told me, “You’ve changed,” I bout fell off my chair. “Sorry babe, but I’m the same me I ever was.” “I love you, I’m just not ‘In’ love with you” was the line that caused me to bust into hysterical laughter. “OK, I get it. We’re done here.” And so it was. How to make a girl happy? I’ve got that in spades. How to keep her happy? You’ve got me, there. Whatever this new year brings, it won’t be another wife. Two down, none to go. The third times a charm rule need not apply. This guy’s happy to be the lone wolf in the woods. I’m not saying I won’t pounce on the unsuspecting Little Red Riding Hood from time to time, but I’m not moving into her grandmother’s house.


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