Can’t think of a good one.

The U.S. is in political turmoil…again. For the majority of my life, I’ve stayed out of it. The only current affairs I’ve concerned myself with are those which have had a direct impact on me. I have worked 80-100 hours a week for the majority of my adult life, and when the job was done, I had no enthusiasm, nor penchant for bullshit, and politics has ALWAYS been bullshit, regardless of WHAT country you abide. Yes, I have guns. My guns are for hunting. I do not hunt for sport. I enjoy venison steak and eggs in the morning. I harvest my own turkey for thanksgiving. You’ll not see a picture on my wall that depicts the killing of these fine creatures because I have no desire to glorify it. I don’t smear blood on my face and parade about with a carcass in hand and heart clenched in my teeth. This is just how I live. It’s true that I was a city slicker for many years, but now I reside in the place of my upbringing—the northwoods of the upper peninsula of Michigan, half of a mile from Mother Superior. Though we lead a simple life here, we are far from simpletons. I do not agree with the foreign, nor domestic policies of my so-called “representatives and/or leaders.” When I was in school, I was lead to believe that in the United States, we are governed by a select group of our peers. Well, that disillusional ship has sailed. There’s not a single politician in this country that qualifies as a peer of mine. If it were up to me, we’d stay the hell out of the rest of the world and focus on our own. But it’s not up to me, and therefor I want no part of the bureaucracy. There is a foul agenda afoot. Those of us in the U.S. with a modicum of sanity left have stopped bothering with the futility of voting. The politically correct welfare state that this country has become is what drives the vote. I believe that if a person is on any sort of welfare or government handout, they should not be allowed to vote. Conflict of interest, and all that. It’s like the senate voting for their own pay raise—which I understand they have the authority, frowned upon as it is. Perhaps then we could elect a proper set of balls.


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