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Can’t think of a good one.

The U.S. is in political turmoil…again. For the majority of my life, I’ve stayed out of it. The only current affairs I’ve concerned myself with are those which have had a direct impact on me. I have worked 80-100 hours a week for the majority of my adult life, and when the job was done, […]

Troubling Thought of the Day

If she can see her reflection in the snow covered hill, the landslide couldn’t possibly bring her down. By my estimation, that would’ve been an avalanche. Why has nobody ever caught this?!

What’s in a name?

What's in a name?.

What’s in a name?

At my local pub, I know very few by their real name. Most everyone has a nickname that just sort of stuck, and their given ones long forgotten. When I go to the pub on my shenanigan Tuesdays, I find the same old regular crowd. At the end of the bar is Balls, who turns […]

Ode to My Zippo

You are my treasured companion, and light the flame that affords me joy. Oh, sure, I’ve flirted with a Bic, Cricket, or even a match to achieve the climax, but those trollops lack class. and finesse. The faint taste of lighter fluid that you leave on my lips curls them into a devious smile while […]

Today’s Relevant Revelations

The way she used to look at me made me taller, somehow, and I’d strut around the roost with my chest puffed out, and head stretched high. She made me feel smarter than the other guys in the room, and better looking…confident. It was a wonderful life for a long time, but like all good […]

Reap What You Sow

I spent much of last summer working on a friend’s lakehouse. He’s getting on in years, but I had a hell of time keeping up with him. The previous summer he had added on five rooms, surrounding the original French log cabin (vertical logs) which was built nearly a hundred years ago. It was he […]