This is my mother’s house. When I’m finished, it’ll be her palace. Forward As luck would have it, I lost everything I ever had in 2009. After floundering about for a couple more years in Las Vegas trying to rebuild my construction empire, I finally threw in the towel and moved into my mother’s house […]


What were your ambitions To what did you aspire How close are you to fruition what else do you require The years drift by, and mock you while you’re sinking in the mire I wonder if you ever knew About tradition Or fire There is a toll, that you must pay How much the cost, […]

I’m not sure what I want but it’s not what I’m doing.  Don’t get me  wrong…I’m grateful for my life.  My whole family lives in health, loves  each other, we have a nice house, we travel, we buy and do much of what we want,  a great dog, a few good friends, and steady well-paying jobs.  […]

I’m sorry I haven’t been writing lately, I’ve been busy working on my friends house.  As it turns out, his wife has always aspired to write.  I thought I would give her a guest spot, and get your reactions.  Please comment, and let her know what you think!             I […]


This is what we do, kiddies.  We spew until our hearts content.  We talk (type) about the things that drive us; wild, crazy, to drink, and what have you.  The things that haven’t killed me have given me the power to track those things down and blow ’em up, with a hand grenade.  That’s all […]